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I'm in the process of updating all of my works here in DA,especially the ones i've done in PS CS6.
These will be transferred to another site sooner. My upcoming works will focus on using brushes
only in a more relaxing style and color freedom.

 Thank you for all wonderful comments and negative feeedbacks. It's always welcomed.

 Perfection is too far to reach but dreams is always within our soul.

 Have a nice day!!
When i learned graphic softwares 6 years ago i was amazed by the transformation of my artworks into digital reality. Before that,I am very firm and constant with my brushes and pencils eventhough Photoshop was invented and very popular at that time.

But things has changed.

  I can't draw on paper anymore. My rhytmical pulse in handling the pencil and brush
was all gone.I don't want to blame for being a digital artist today. The lesson is, I forgot to touch my pencil and all my brushes was nowhere to be found now!

  I am very glad to see traditional artworks everytime i went to this category. Traditional artists deserves a big applause for continuing and nurturing their own masterpieces.

  I should not stop drawing on paper. I should not stop painting on canvas. If time goes back,I  will put all my traditional tools besides me with all my care.I realized the
benefits and the worthiness of these things. I missed my sketch pad. I missed all the
dirts in my pants scattered with beautiful and blended colors of oil paints and watercolor in abstraction.

  I keep smiling when i go in Art section inside a mall and see those soft-haired and long handled brushes.Those magnificent Staedler and my favorite charcoal pencils.

But things has always changed .

I should put all the things in right direction.

Memories can be an inspiration.

Past can be a lesson.
I started as a portrait artist specializing in pencil,charcoal,pastel and oil painting as my medium. But times went through and i need to explore for more challenging career and landed in animation. For 15 years i struggle to become a better and meaningful artist in that field. I guess i made it  but opportunities was's okay.
I decided to go back to where my heart and my soul always wanted to depict in.I began to use and combine my traditional experience in painting and animation to learn graphic software.At first, it was distressful but in the end the rewards are so amazing. Learning is never ending and truly rewarding.
See and enjoy my gallery!…
Feel free to contact me with my email